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I grew up in Rotterdam, The Netherlands. There I went to technical school and was interested in constructions. I have a technical background and love architecture. My first office job was as a consultant and building maintenance inspector. I have specialized in providing financial and technical advice for the improvement of buildings. I liked that job, but I felt I was too young to be stuck in a 9 to 5 routine yet. That's why I decided to wait until a later stage of my life to get such an office job again.


I started to develop more interest in how the human body worked and what was needed to improve it. I already had a passion for sports and became more interested in the scientific part. I wanted to learn more about body functions and how they relate to the mind. I started to see human anatomy as a building and enjoyed the challenge of bringing some expertise to a new field.


One day I decided to take a different direction in my career. I wanted to work on my social skills and at the same time earn a living with a passion for sports. My new ambition was to help people with physical fitness, so that they can maintain and improve their own health. While helping others, I wanted to learn more about different ages, cultures, and backgrounds. I worked as a sports event coordinator. I did commercial activities and was a youth worker. The feedback I got was that I could see the bigger picture. I became assistant team manager.


At one point I wanted to help people on a larger scale and in the longer term. I wanted to help people move in a direction that would strengthen their own personal goals and also achieve the long-term goals of the organization. I changed jobs and started working for the local authority. I worked with young and potentially upcoming entrepreneurs in the city. There I could focus on coaching individuals in a more commercial setting, but also invest in future connections in the city of Rotterdam. I became a project manager in budgeting, organizing and planning.


Over the years I have found more passion for coaching people. After a number of courses, I started a part-time business as a Personal Trainer & Coach. The idea is to use physical fitness as a way to help people improve their own daily routines, such as raising a family, going to work and excelling in other activities. Efficient Steps started in 2015.


Style of coaching

I used to be very strict, but in recent years I have enjoyed the more positive way of coaching. I will be strict when necessary, but overall I try to focus more on the positive approach to motivating. The basis of the training is based on functional movements, with an emphasis on general health, strength and fitness. I use physical exercises as a tool in my coaching methods. I regularly seek feedback so that my client and I can grow in the process of achieving goals or laying a foundation for future goals.


Bootcamp (outdoor)

Home workout (indoor)

Fitness (in a gym)

Kickbox (everywhere)




Name: Jason Loanjoe

Function: Personal Trainer & Coach

Owner and founder Efficient Steps

Phone: +31(0)6 10 57 09 35

Email: jason.loanjoe@efficientsteps.nl

Website: www.efficientsteps.nl

Founded: Rotterdam, The Netherlands, 2015

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